"I am Yardleyu.  In my claws I hold 4 golden apples from the most dangerous dragon ever, Zangon! All of which hold the power to transport you any where you wish.  To get by me you must achieve at least 2."  "Sire, I hear you. But do I dare ask why I must get the apples?"  Was that...? Yes the dragon actually chuckled! "Young traveler, you are very brave to ask such question.  There have been ,in the past, many like you. They taunted and poked me.I had no choice but to give than to my son, who, trust me, gives no mercy. But, I like you.  You do not poke you know how to treat dragons."     "Thank you."  "For your courtesy, I shall give you all 4 apples."   "I thank you, Sire! But, I must ask, what would I have had to do?"   He laughed again, "Travler, you're going to get yourself in trouble with all the questions you ask.  Now you must get moving, Go through that door."   "But-"   "Hush, just go."

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